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NOS is the leading communications and entertainment group in Portugal and was born from the merger in August 2013 of the largest Pay TV operator, ZON, with the third largest mobile operator, Optimus. The new single corporate and commercial identity, NOS, was launched in May 2014. The largest Pay TV operator in Portugal, providing the most sophisticated and innovative convergent fixed and mobile telecoms services, NOS has 1.5 million Pay TV customers, 1.1 million fixed Broadband customers, 4.1 million mobile subscribers and 1.6million fixed voice customers. NOS has the largest next generation network in Portugal, covering 3.6 million households with HFC infrastructure, fully upgraded to Docsis 3.0 and already reaches 90% of the population with 4G mobile services. Core to NOS’ market share growth strategy is leadership in convergent services: by the end of 2015, NOS already had 591 thousand customers subscribing to convergent bundles, representing 42% of its fixed customer base. Through its cinema and audiovisuals division, NOS is market leader in cinema exhibition with 215 screens, representing a close to 60% market share of audience and box office sales and has a close to 72% share of cinema distribution and home video sales. NOS also has international operations through a 30% stake in ZAP, a satellite Pay TV joint venture operating in Angola and Mozambique. Launched commercially in 2010, ZAP has recorded very strong yearly, double-digit growth. In FY2015, NOS generated Consolidated Revenues of 1,444 million euros, EBITDA of 533 million euros and invested 408 million euros.

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CompanyBrokerCountrySectorDateAttending inMarket Cap USDmDelegates
ABN AMROABN AMROThe NetherlandsFinancials7-8-9 JuneNew York and Boston19,268Joop Wijn (Managing Board - Corporate Banking)
Dies Donker (Head of IR)
Ackermans & van HaarenINGBelgiumFinancials7-8 June
New York4,424Tom Bamelis (CFO)
Air France-KLMSociete GeneraleFranceConsumer Discretionary8-9 JuneNew York and Boston2,878Marie-Agnès de Peslouan (Head of IR)
AltriHaitongPortugalIndustrials7 JuneNew York800Ricardo Ferreira (Head of IR)
ArcadisABN AMROThe Netherlands Industrials7 juneNew York1,475 Jurgen Pullens (Head of IR)
Stefan van Buuren (IR)
BarcoINGBelgiumTechnology8 JuneNew York907Carl Vanden Bussche (IR)
BE Semiconductor IndustriesABN AMROThe NetherlandsTechnology7-8-9 JuneNew York and Boston1,136 Edmond Franco (Director Corporate Development)
BefimmoINGBelgiumReal Estate8 June
New York
1,459Benoît De Blieck (CEO)
Laurent Carlier (CFO)
BICSociete GeneraleFranceHousehold Products8 JuneNew York7,448Katy Bettach (IR)
BinckBankABN AMROThe NetherlandsFinancials7-8 June530Vincent Germyns (CEO)
Harmen van der Schoor (IR)
BPIHaitongPortugalFinancials7 juneNew York1,800Luis Ricardo Araujo (Head of IR)
CofinimmoINGBelgiumReal Estate8 JuneNew York1,825Jean-Edouard Carbonnelle (CEO)
Ellen Grauls (IR)
CTTHaitongPortugalIndustrials8 JuneNew York1,200Francisco Lacerda (CEO)
André Gorjão Costa (CFO)
Peter Tsvetkov (Head of IR)
Dassault SystèmesSociete Generale FranceTechnology8 JuneNew York18,960Michele Katz (Senior Director IR)
EDPHaitongPortugalUtilities8 JuneNew York12,526Sonia Pimpão (Senior IR)
EuropcarSociete GeneraleFranceConsumer Discretionary8-9 JuneNew York and Boston1,527Caroline Parot (CEO Finance)
Aurelia Cheval (Head of IR)
EurotunnelSociete GeneraleFranceIndustrials7-8-9 JuneNew York and Boston6,231Jean-Baptiste Roussille (Head of IR)
EVSINGBelgiumTechnology8 JuneNew York417Yvan Absil (CFO)
Geoffroy D'Oultremont (VP IR & Corporate Communication)
Flow TradersABN AMROThe NetherlandsFinancials7 JuneNew York2,075Wouter Buitenhuis (CEO US)
Serge Enneman (IR)
ForFarmersABN AMROThe NetherlandsAgricultural Producers7-8 JuneNew York775Yoram Knoop (CEO)
Arnout Traas (CFO)
Caroline Vogelzang (Director IR)
Galp EnergiaHaitongPortugalEnergy7 JuneNew York9,950Carlos Gomes da Silva (CEO)
Pedro Dias (Head of Corporate Strategy and IR)
Groupe SEBSociete Generale FranceHousehold Durables8-9 JuneNew York and Boston4,969Isabelle Posth (VP Financial Communications IR)
Emmanuel Fourret (IR manager)
IntertrustABN AMROThe NetherlandsConsumer Discretionary7-8-9 JuneNew York and Boston1,793David de Buck (CEO)
Ernesto Traulsen (CFO)
Anne Louise Metz (IR)
IpsosSociete GeneraleFranceCommunications8-9 JuneNew York and Boston1,055Laurence Stoclet (CFO)
Douwe Rademaker (MarquetQuest CEO)
Pierre Le Manh (CEO North America Ipsos)
Jeronimo MartinsHaitongPortugalRetail7-8 JuneNew York8,800Ana Luísa Virginia (Chief Corporate Centre Officer)
Claudia Falcao (Head of IR)
Millennium bcpHaitongPortugalFinancials7 JuneNew York2,200Rui Coimbra (Head of IR)
Mota EngilHaitongPortugalIndustrials7-8 JuneNew York and Boston400João Vermelho (Head of IR)
Maria de Anunciação Borrega (IR)
NosHaitongPortugalCommunications7-8 JuneNew York3,500José Pedro Pereira e Costa (CFO)
Maria João Carrapato (Head of IR)
OCIABN AMROThe NetherlandsAgricultural Chemicals7-8 JuneNew York and Boston3,338Hans Zayed (IR manager)
OrpeaSociete GeneraleFranceHealth Care Providers8-9 JuneNew York and Boston2,714 Steve Grobet (Head IR)
Psa GroupSociete GeneraleFranceConsumer Discretionary7 JuneNew York13,878 Frédéric Brunet (Head of IR)
Karine Douet (IR)
RENHaitongPortugalUtilities7-8 JuneNew York1,600Rodrigo Costa (CEO)
Gonçalo Morais Soares (CFO)
Ana Fernandes (Head of IR)
SBM OffshoreABN AMROThe NetherlandsEnergy8 JuneNew York2,542Nicolas Robert (IR)
Brad Scherer (IR)
SolvayINGBelgiumChemicals8 JuneNew York10,187Jodi Allen (Senior IR)
SonaeHaitongPortugalRetail7-8 JuneNew York2,200 Luis Reis (COO)
Patrícia Vieira Pinto (Head of IR)
The Navigator GroupHaitongPortugalIndustrials7 JuneNew York2,500Diogo da Silveira (CEO)
Joana Lã (Head of IR)
ThromboGenicsINGBelgiumPharmaceuticals8 JuneNew York116Dominique Vanfleteren (CFO)
TKH GroupABN AMROThe NetherlandsIndustrials8-9 JuneNew York and Boston1,770Alexander van der Lof (CEO)
Elling de Lange (CFO)
TomTomABN AMROThe NetherlandsTechnology7-8-9 JuneNew York2,237Bisera Grubesic (IR)
TotalSociete GeneraleFranceEnergy7 JuneNew York107,004Robert Hammond (IR)
VeoliaSociete GeneraleFranceUtilities8-9 JuneNew York and Boston12,996Ronald Wasylec (Head of IR)
Terri-Anne Powers (Director of NA IR)
WessanenABN AMROThe NetherlandsConsumer Staples7-8 JuneNew York780Christophe Barnouin (CEO)